Dewy, Summer Makeup Look ♡

Since it is Summer here in Australia, I thought I’d show you all how to achieve a natural, glowy look – perfect for the summertime! This has been my go to look recently, as its breathable; but still provides you with a really pretty, natural glow.

Before I get into the details of this look – this is a collab with Lili Rosie! Be sure to checkout her blogpost, as well as show her some love!!

Click here to see her post.

First, I’m starting this look with my Alexami primer. For me priming is an essential step in any makeup look, as it creates a base. This primer is super hydrating, which is great for the general summer heat!

Then I’m using the Maybelline BB cream, I love this BB cream as it’s super light but still provides light coverage. It’s a breathable product on my skin.

For concealer first I’m taking this Rimmel one and applying it under my eyes. This concealer helps cover up the fact I practically don’t sleep. I also like to apply this on the redness on my chin.

Then I take a second concealer {palette} and use a shade most suited towards my skin tone. I will then apply that on any blemishes I possibly have.

After that I’m using a Sportsgirl bronzer to give me some colour and define my facial structure.

Then I’m using this Carmindy & Co highlighter. Highlighter is really the main aspect of a dewy, summer look. It provides you with a really pretty natural glow. And I love that this one is pink-toned.

Then for mascara, I have discovered a life changing combo. So I start with the Maybelline Lash Sensational and then add the Benefit They’re Real.

Then I’m using an Essence lipgloss. You really can’t go wrong with a glossy lip in the summertime and it really coordinates with the highlighter and add to the whole glow factor.

After that I set my makeup in place with the Rimmel powder. This is in transparent and is super handy for summer. As you do sweat, it’s important that you’re not that one girl whose makeup is running down her face, not cute.

Finally I like to hydrate my skin with the Mario Badescu spray. This product is my holy grail and I 110% could not live without it!

As I said before this is a collab so make sure you checkout Lili’s blogpost.

Until next time,

Dominique, xx


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