Is Mario Badescu Worth The Hype?? ♡

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I thought I would do a more in-depth review of some Mario Badescu products I have recently picked up. I’d like to start by saying I purchased these items from one of my favourite makeup retailers, Mecca Maxima.

I picked up two products from Mario Badescu, the drying lotion and the rose water spray.

So first of all, I picked up the Rosewater Spray. I would watch videos on YouTube where this product was raved about, and I can clearly see why. It is such a rejuvenating and replenishing product. I have to say since buying this I certainly won’t be able to go without it. I use it frequently, almost too frequently.. before I apply makeup, after I apply makeup, when I do my skincare, when I wake up, when I go to bed, and anytime I want a quick refresh throughout the day.

I have a confession. In the space of three months, I’ve already purchased this products twice and when it runs out – I’ll be honest, I’ll more than likely repurchase.

The second product I purchased was the Drying Lotion. The thing that let me down was the size, at 29 mLs it’s tiny! I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised by the longevity of this product. I purchased in mid August and (as you can see below) I still have quite a lot of product left. I was quite confused about the concept of the product, a drying lotion. I thought to myself, “Hang on, isn’t a lotion meant to hydrate?” I thought that name was quite the oxymoron. But basically, this product dries out your imperfections. A misconception on YouTube was that a lot of people claimed this product automatically removed your impurities, I personally don’t find that. Although it does do a great job of getting rid of an imperfect in (generally) 2 – 3 uses, I put it on and leave it overnight. I don’t know whether I’m putting too much or not enough on, as I’m not a dermatologist nor a skincare professional.

I think both products are worth the hype. As someone with relatively sensitive skin it’s very hard to find products that don’t irate my skin, these products fortunately don’t. Mario Badescu products have the nicest design aesthetic and that made the decision to originally purchase them even easier. I totally recommend these products.

Thank you for reading,

Dominique, xx


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