Dewy, Summer Makeup Look ♡

Since it is Summer here in Australia, I thought I’d show you all how to achieve a natural, glowy look – perfect for the summertime! This has been my go to look recently, as its breathable; but still provides you with a really pretty, natural glow.

Before I get into the details of this look – this is a collab with Lili Rosie! Be sure to checkout her blogpost, as well as show her some love!!

Click here to see her post.

First, I’m starting this look with my Alexami primer. For me priming is an essential step in any makeup look, as it creates a base. This primer is super hydrating, which is great for the general summer heat!

Then I’m using the Maybelline BB cream, I love this BB cream as it’s super light but still provides light coverage. It’s a breathable product on my skin.

For concealer first I’m taking this Rimmel one and applying it under my eyes. This concealer helps cover up the fact I practically don’t sleep. I also like to apply this on the redness on my chin.

Then I take a second concealer {palette} and use a shade most suited towards my skin tone. I will then apply that on any blemishes I possibly have.

After that I’m using a Sportsgirl bronzer to give me some colour and define my facial structure.

Then I’m using this Carmindy & Co highlighter. Highlighter is really the main aspect of a dewy, summer look. It provides you with a really pretty natural glow. And I love that this one is pink-toned.

Then for mascara, I have discovered a life changing combo. So I start with the Maybelline Lash Sensational and then add the Benefit They’re Real.

Then I’m using an Essence lipgloss. You really can’t go wrong with a glossy lip in the summertime and it really coordinates with the highlighter and add to the whole glow factor.

After that I set my makeup in place with the Rimmel powder. This is in transparent and is super handy for summer. As you do sweat, it’s important that you’re not that one girl whose makeup is running down her face, not cute.

Finally I like to hydrate my skin with the Mario Badescu spray. This product is my holy grail and I 110% could not live without it!

As I said before this is a collab so make sure you checkout Lili’s blogpost.

Until next time,

Dominique, xx


My Favourite Products Of 2017 ♡

Since 2018 is fast approaching, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite products of 2017. Most of these products are highly raved about, but some still wonder whether these products are worth the hype. I’m here to come tell you why they are!


EOS has always been one of my favourite products, but in 2017 I’ve found it’s been a go to. In particular, the Strawberry Sorbet flavour – above is the Coconut Milk flavour. As I use my Strawberry Sorbet EOS so regularly, I often misplace it.

Ari By Ariana Grande

This perfume has been my signature scent since I bought it in 2016. Although, in 2017 I’ve been wearing this daily! And more surprisingly, it hasn’t run out. I am so grateful that I received a large version this Christmas. This is by far my favourite out of the three perfumes Ariana has brought out, as it features floral notes.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

I originally started using the Floral and Flirty Blush Dry Shampoo, when the Rose Gold version came out I knew I had to try it out. Since making the switch, I’ve realised I much prefer the Rose Gold version. It has a fresh and floral scent that conjunctively suits my Ari perfume. It goes without saying that dry shampoo is a necessity in any girls life. Whether you use it in the morning after a late night or just to freshen up, dry shampoo automatically makes me feel I have my life somewhat, together.

Too Faced – Chocolate Bon Bon Palette

This palette is absolutely gorgeous and contains a variety of matte and shimmery shades. The whole palette is aesthetic, from the packaging to the calligraphy styled font. The shades are extremely pigmented and the palette has a variety of shades – including nudes, as well as bold and bright shades. Overall, the palette is a great investment for the makeup lover.

NARS Lipgloss –

This lipgloss is a gorgeous pink tone, that has a nice sheen to it. Obviously, it is not matte, which is something I prefer in the Summertime as I tend to go for a dewy look. I also find that glossy lips really complement highlighter.

Bourjois Matte {Velvet} Liquid Lipstick – Don’t Pink Of It

When I do go for a matte, I find myself looking for a pink toned nude. I generally end up using this Bourjois Liquid Lipstick. It just has the nicest consistency, is long lasting and doesn’t crease. Although this has been a recent addition to my lip collection, it is definitely a favourite.

Carmindy & Co Highlighter Duo – Ethereal

If you saw my Huge Collective Haul,

you would have heard me rave about this products.  In fact, it has been my go-to highlighter. Whenever I decide to use highlighter I always find myself going back to this highlighter. It is a duo which makes it super handy, as it includes both a cream and powder highlight. Both are in the same pink toned shade which really suits my pale skin.

Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder

This product is a basic transparent powder, except it contains ingredients that actively target blemishes. I find because I have quite sensitive skin quite a lot will break me out, and let me tell you it is so irritating! So having a powder targeting those breakouts as well as keeping my face matte and shine free is ideal for me. I first wanted to purchase it when Quisha Rose put this powder in one of her videos, mid-2015. Since first buying it, I have been repurchasing the moment it runs out!

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

This product is another old favourite, I first purchased in Summer 2015! I love this BB cream as it is lightweight but still provides you with a light coverage. Obviously, as it is a BB Cream {blemmish balm} it targets blemishes and imperfections, which is always handy!

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

This mascara is perfect to add length, volume and curl to your lashes – all at the same time! So far there are very few drugstore mascaras I’ve found that compare to high-end standards. Although this mascara has been one of those items that could easily be high end! I also don’t at all find this mascara clumpy, which is an added bonus.

Real Techniques Brushes

Last but not least, these are my brushes of choice. These brushes blend makeup looks out so well and make blending makeup completely seamless. My favourite set by Real Techniques would have to be the Sculpting Set, in particular the Setting Brush which I use for highlighter.

Thank you so much for reading my blogpost. I put so much time and effort into this blog, so it is much appreciated when you follow my site!

Until next time,

Dominique, xx

Is Mario Badescu Worth The Hype?? ♡

In correspondence with my most recent video,

Click here to watch!

I thought I would do a more in-depth review of some Mario Badescu products I have recently picked up. I’d like to start by saying I purchased these items from one of my favourite makeup retailers, Mecca Maxima.

I picked up two products from Mario Badescu, the drying lotion and the rose water spray.

So first of all, I picked up the Rosewater Spray. I would watch videos on YouTube where this product was raved about, and I can clearly see why. It is such a rejuvenating and replenishing product. I have to say since buying this I certainly won’t be able to go without it. I use it frequently, almost too frequently.. before I apply makeup, after I apply makeup, when I do my skincare, when I wake up, when I go to bed, and anytime I want a quick refresh throughout the day.

I have a confession. In the space of three months, I’ve already purchased this products twice and when it runs out – I’ll be honest, I’ll more than likely repurchase.

The second product I purchased was the Drying Lotion. The thing that let me down was the size, at 29 mLs it’s tiny! I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised by the longevity of this product. I purchased in mid August and (as you can see below) I still have quite a lot of product left. I was quite confused about the concept of the product, a drying lotion. I thought to myself, “Hang on, isn’t a lotion meant to hydrate?” I thought that name was quite the oxymoron. But basically, this product dries out your imperfections. A misconception on YouTube was that a lot of people claimed this product automatically removed your impurities, I personally don’t find that. Although it does do a great job of getting rid of an imperfect in (generally) 2 – 3 uses, I put it on and leave it overnight. I don’t know whether I’m putting too much or not enough on, as I’m not a dermatologist nor a skincare professional.

I think both products are worth the hype. As someone with relatively sensitive skin it’s very hard to find products that don’t irate my skin, these products fortunately don’t. Mario Badescu products have the nicest design aesthetic and that made the decision to originally purchase them even easier. I totally recommend these products.

Thank you for reading,

Dominique, xx

I have something exciting to share with you.. ♡

Hello my loves, it feels like forever since my last blogpost. I’m sorry I haven’t updated you guys for a while. But I’m back and I promise more posts are yet to come.
Today I’m here promoting a brand I swear by, now before we start I just want to put out there this post is in collaboration with Australian brand, BX Earth. I would never recommend a product to you guys that I personally don’t like or wouldn’t use myself. BX Earth is a wonderful brand that I think so highly of, all products are completely natural and won’t irritate your skin. And a bonus, most of there products are vegan friendly with the exception of the goats milk range. If you do want to see a video of me completely reviewing products I did make a video for you guys, so be sure to check that out –                                                                                                 Click here to watch!!

Let’s start with my opinions on the Candles ~

♡ The packaging is gorgeous, it looks really earthy and has complete Tumblr vibes.

♡ Totally Instagram worthy, snap away to your hearts content!

♡ It’s quite a large candle and the wick is so long, which is great for candle lovers like myself!

♡ The candle smells like heaven, and there’s a scent for everyone!

♡ It’s really long lasting.


Especially when I have a coupon code for you, stay till the end 😉
The Body Washes ~

♡ Again the packaging is gorgeous!

♡ I have found a lot of body washes are drying on my skin *insert cry emoji* but these are so moisturising on your skin, perfect for those chilly days!

♡ While cleansing your body, you will always end up smelling AMAZING, the body washes come in so many different fragrances. My personal favourites are: Good On You Love ~ which contains Wild Rhubarb, Rose Hip & Macadamia Oil (to me it smells like exotic grapefruit) and Bit Of A Soft Touch ~ which contains Goats Milk, Peach & Manuka Honey (This smells divine, it honestly just smells peachy. Saying that, it’s not an over powering scent, it’s very subtle. But the honest truth it’s in the perfect amount of peach; not too strong, but not too soft.

♡ If you are wondering, I have normal but VERY sensitive skin, a lot of products irritate my skin. As I mentioned BX Earth products have absolutely no nasties hidden so whatever skin type you have I can assure you, your skin will thank you.
The final items I was sent were Antibacterial Hand Washes,

The Hand Washes ~

♡ I got sent three, however, my favourite one definitely has to be Olive Oil & Byron Rose. (yes olive oil, now don’t be petrified because olive oil is actually really moisturising) Now this is the perfect soap for girly girls like me, I mean who doesn’t want hands smelling like roses!! If you are more into tropical scents, never fear BX Earth has you covered, they also offer Hand Washes like Desert Lime & Coconut and Bergamot & Murray Orange.

♡ You can actually use these soaps to clean your makeup brushes!

* Get a soap tray.

* Run a drizzle of water and add a small pump of your choice of BX Earth soap.

* Then take as many brushes as desired simply swishing them in the soap in circular motions.

There you have it, clean makeup brushes that look as good as new. Trust me, it works a charm!
Now for the exciting part BX Earth have kindly provided me with a coupon code, if you want a matching candle (BTW I have the Coconut & Lime Candle!) you can use the code ~ CAN10 for 10% off all candles! Also remember that with orders over $40 you can get FREE shipping Australia wide! If this isn’t a good deal, I don’t know what is.

If online shopping isn’t quite your thing, BX Earth is coming to Chemist Warehouse on the 12th June to stores all around Australia!!

Click on this link to check out their website ↓↓↓↓

Talk to you soon,

Dominique, xx